Japan's Dice Game with Cryptocurrency

Chin Chilo Te J-Ceelo

3 Steps to Start Now!

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  2. Log in game after completing registration.
  3. No need to download, just start playing!
This is an online dice game where you can bet on cryptocurrency (XRP).
You can safely enjoy the game at a low rate of about 20 cents per game.
We hope you enjoy this super fun Japanese dice game (Japanese name: Chinchirorin)!

Free games for beginners

We have free practice games for you to play.
What kind of game it is, and how to control it, can be easily found by doing a little.
Once you get used to the controls through practice, come on! Have fun playing against other people.

Features of J-Ceelo

  • The rules are simple! But deep.

    The Japanese dice game "Chinchirorin" is really fun. It's super fun and addicting!

  • Play with cryptocurrency (XRP)

    Deposits and withdrawals are completed in seconds, with only a few cents in fees, and can be freely converted to dollars or yen.

  • Safe & secure, low rates and fees

    Low rates for newcomers to the game, and low game fees so you can enjoy forever.

For play with peace of mind

J-Ceelo is operated by a legal entity where online dice games are completely legal.
J-Ceelo is always played between customers, and we operate solely on the game fees (2% of the winnings) that we receive from the winners, and we pledge to be absolutely fair.
And we do not tolerate and constantly monitor money laundering and other forms of fraud.
We will continue to make our best efforts to ensure that our customers can play safely and with peace of mind.